General Cost Information

This pricing only applies to our Cedar Springs location. View general location pricing here.

Independent Living Monthly Charges

Studio Apartment:              $1,550 per month

One Bedroom Apartment: $1,950.00 per month

Two Bedroom Apartment: $2,250.00 per month

• This price includes utilities such as heat, electric, water and sewer.
• Telephone service and subsequent charges are additional and the responsibility of the resident.
• Cable is offered at a charge of $39.00 per month for the expanded basic package*.

*Residents may add services directly through Charter but the package cannot be reduced.
Residents will be billed directly from Charter for additional services.

Levels of Care

Level 1 = Base Rate

Level 2 = Base Rate + Required Services (Ala Cart)

Level 3 = Base Rate + $1,900/Month

Level 4 = Base Rate + $2,400/Month

Level V = Base Rate + $2,900/Month

*2nd person fee may apply


Meals provided by Good Living Kitchens, Inc.

ALL (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) $430.00 per month per person (not optional for Assisted Living)

Breakfast – $3.75 daily, $90.00 monthly

Lunch – $5.75 daily, $145.00 monthly

Dinner – $7.75 daily, $195.00 monthly


  • These prices reflect full cost of meal person including food and beverage
  • Meals are provided by Good Living Kitchens, Inc.
  • Meal plan not optional for Assisted Living residents
  • 6% tax is required for all meal services

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